Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jocarste Nail Polish 8100

Hi Ladies!
What a very exhausting tuesday! The weather here in my country is sooo mega hot, it's very humid, and that makes me lazy... anyways, enough of me let go to the polish..

Here is, Jocarste Nail Polish 8100
Another nail polish w/o a name, lame..

Jocarste 8100 is a glitter packed polish, it consist of clear jelly base packed with lots of gold square glitters, small purple hex glitters, and medium sized holograpic hex glitters.. it's really love at first sight when i saw this polish at the local dept. store.
On my nails are two thick coats of 8100, the formula is quite thick and application went went well, the thickness of the formula helped to maked the glitter stick to the polish brush making it easier to build up.

More pics for you guys!

And that's it for today! sorry this post is a little short, the weather really makes me lazy..

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Til next time!



  1. I also have that NP. pack of glitters and affordable too ^-^V

    1. Yes, it is very affordable! oh, by the way, please be a follower if you liked my blog.. thanks! :)

  2. Oooohhhh. Where did you buy this? I waaaant. Ayy, wala na pala akong pera. lol.

    1. I got this polish from the cosmetologie expo @ Php39.00 last feb21... i don't know if this one is available at the local dept. store..

  3. I bought mine in SM Masinag. kasama sya ng....if not mistaken Shawill makeup line ata yun