Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey Guys!
What a very exhausting day for me... what about you guys? It's past midnight here, but still, i wanted to show this to you guys before i go to bed... so enough of me, let's talk about nail polish..

Here is Sassy Colors, Persian Blue..
Isn't it beautiful??

Persian Blue is more of a purple (than blue) nail polish i wonder why the name is persian blue anyways.. like what i mentioned it's more of a purple nail polish but not just an ordinary nail polish, it's a Purple duochrome shimmer nail polish... hmm.. that makes this NP special.. :) in some angles it showcases it's magical blue duochrome.. how pretty..
On my nails are two medium coats of persial blue, the formula is OK. and application went well.

More pic for you guys.. This is taken indoors w/ camera flash

Indoors w/o camera flash..

Outdoors under the shade..

And the last two pics are taken outdoors under direct sunlight..

And that's it! what do you guys think about this nail polish?
Please don't forget to leave your comments below... i love reading them..
Also feel free to ask questions or anything you gals want to know.

Till next time,


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