Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chic Peridot (from the SANDY COLLECTION)

Hello Everyone!
 Back again to give you the latest about Nail Polish.. hehe... it's super mega sunny and hot today, this kind of weather triggers my asthma that's why i hate it! :( Moving forward, i will show you guys a Nail Polish that i own for quite a long time (2months, if i'm not mistaken?) i decided to swatch this one today because it has this color that makes me forget about the heat just by looking at it.

Here is Chic Peridot..
This NP is a member of the Chic Sandy Collection, if i'm not mistaken, i already showed you Amethyst,

Chic Peridot is a Mint Green based nail polish filled with generous amount of  Dusty - silver-y colored sand or maybe it's glitters, i'm not so sure about that... it has this grainy feel after it dries, and also this Nail Polish is sure a Topcoat thirsty nail polish.
On my nails are two medium coat of Peridot, i was surprised because the pigmentation of this one is really great.. the formula of this one is a little thin but still manageable, and the application went well... also it dries faster than ordinary nail polish, maybe it's because of the glitters..

Here are more photos..

and this last pic shows the whole Chic Sandy Collection, just to give you guys an idea..

And that's it for today... Hope you guys liked it..
Don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments..

Till next time..


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