Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colortrends Nail Polish Lemon Squared

Hello Everyone!
I'm back for the daily update this post was supposed to be published three hours ago, but i accidentally fell asleep.. anyways i will show you today a very cute nail polish, here we go...

Colortrends Lemon Squared..
The name is cute, isn't it?

Lemon Squared is a Lemon Yellow shimmer Nail Polish. Yellow base plus subtle shimmer = Lemon Squared.. i really loved it after seeing it on my nails, you know i'm not a huge fan of yellow, but this one turned out to look great on my nails.. what do you guys think?
On my nails are three thin coats, the pigmentation is not that ok to me but still, it's buildable w/ just a few coats, and i'm quite impressed about the drying time of this one... :) formula is OK.

More photos for you guys! (indoor w/ flash)

Outdoors under direct sunlight..

Outdoors under the shade..

And that's it for today! hope you guys enjoyed it!
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