Saturday, April 7, 2012

A New Discovery; Sassy Colors in Frosted Ruby

Hey Guys!
Recently, while i was checking out the nail polish stash at a local dept. store i noticed that there's a new brand all lined up in the shelves, some of the colors are new to my eyes, (colors that i rarely see from other local brands..) and so, i decided to buy a few bottles..

One of the NP's that i bought that day is Sassy Colors Frosted Ruby..
I wonder why the name is FROSTED RUBY, for me, it's more of a Shimmer Nail Polish..

Sassy Colors Frosted Ruby is a Deep Red Based Shimmer Polish... it's super filled with generous amount (i know... it's redundant much.. haha) of Gold Shimmer that i really love....
I also really love the formula of this NP, it has just the right amount of thickness to it, application did not gave me any problem. Oh! and by the way, on my nails are two medium coats of frosted ruby.

Isn't it gorgeous? ;)
Photos are taken indoors w/ flash.. (i love flash! hahaha)

And on my right hand... i decided to add a super glittery accent color, to my thumb and ring finger..
The glittery nail polish is a gift from a friend.. woorst part, it didn't have a name/brand... :( But still i can say, that the polish is pretty, and the bottle is cute!

Another thing, the STAR design is courtesy of CHIC WISH UPON A STAR, from their Nail Design Collection.

More photos for everyone to enjoy... these are taken outdoors under the shade..
These last two pics shows the real color of Sassy Frosted Ruby..

And.. that's it for today! Hope you guys liked it..
By the way, Sassy is sold for Php 18.00 for a 7ml bottle... isn't it great?

Don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments.. you can also ask me questions..
It's almost Easter Sunday here in the Philippines.. i'm soo excited..

Till next time..


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  1. Saaassssy! lol. I need to find more of this brand.