Sunday, April 22, 2012

Strawberry Nail Art (Tutorial)

Hello Ladies!
It's sunday again! weee... I'm super excited to show you what i have for today! it's the second time that i'm showing you guys a nail art design, but this time, i'll show you the steps of how you can do it yourself, s, lets get started!

Here is a very cute strawberry nail art... isn't it a perfect nail design for the summer?

Here's what we need; A strawberry red nail polish, (Caronia Desire) White Stripper Polish (Sassy Colors Nail art polish) Yellow Nail Polish ( Colortrends Lemon Squared) Green Nail Polish ( Bobbie Lush) and finally a dotting tool.
You can use other similar products if you want to, these are just the materials available in my stash.. :)

First step: Paint all your nails a solid red, this on my little sisters nails is Caronia Desire. (i ask my sister if she can be my nail model for this nail art because she has the perfect nail length.. haha)

Next; Paint some white leaves coming down from your cuticles, (i used sassy colors nail art polish) first is paint atleast 3-4 triangles and fill them in..
This is what it will look like..
The reason why i'm painting the leaves white first is because it will make the green really pop and will show much brighter on top of it.

Next step is to turn our white leaves green! paint a green polish over the white leaves using a dotting tool, or toothpick. I used Bobbie Lush
Here's a closer look of what it will look like..

And now the very last step, it's time to paint the seeds, strawberry have yellow seeds, and you can draw them with a doting tool or toothpick.. I used Colortrends Lemon Squared.

And finally, apply top coat to seal the design, that's it! our strawberry nails are done!

Here are more pics for you guys!

What do you think about this nail art? 
I'm thinking of doing a post atleast once a week featuring a nail art tutorial for you guys. (it's just like pink wednesdays!) Hahaha...
Please do give me some suggestions and also don't forget to leave your comments down below..

That's it for today!
Hope you guys liked it..

Till next time,



  1. Wow! Strawberries! I need to practice nail art na talaga. Haha.

  2. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I featured this nail art design on my Top Summer Ideas & Inspiration list on my blog “The Sparkle Queen” with my followers! I hope you check it out! I am constantly updating this list as well (and starting lists for future posts!), so if you create any designs you would like featured on this post, or more in the future, make sure to send me the links! Have a fantastic day! <3 The Sparkle Queen @

    PS: I also have an image ESPECIALLY for people who have been featured to share! Grab it from my “Featuring and Sharing” Page.