Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bobbie Cherry Blossom

HellO everyone! As promised, I'am back again today to show you some swatches of Bobbie Cherry Blossom (my base color for my Christmas mani) this is a really nice red nail polish. ;)

Let's start.. Here it is Bobbie Cherry Blossom..
 Bobbie Cherry Blossom has a Hot Red Colored Base filled with silver glitters, if i'am not mistaken this is part of Bobbie Glitters collection. Can you see that sparkles peeking from the red base?

On my nails are two medium coats of Cherry Blossom, this polish is pretty opaque, and im good to go with just 2 coats.

 For the formula, i expected it to be thick (because glitter polishes use to have a thick formula) but i was surprised w/ this one because it has that right consistency of a regular nail polish, it's quite impressive for a local glitter polish.

 With application, i don't have any major issues, i just wish that Bobbie will soon have wider brush for their NP's for more easier and faster application. ;)

Let me give you a zoom for you to see the silver glitters..

One last shot for you guys..

And that's it for today's post, hope you guys liked this.. :)

Bobbie is available in 8ml and 15ml bottle at your nearest department stores and drugstores here in the Philippines. You can also visit their Facebook Fan Fage and their Website if you want more info about their products.

Hope you guys will drop by again next time!


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