Friday, December 16, 2011

Bobbie Holo-Prism Collection Series (part 6) MOJITO


I'am back! it's exactly 9 days before Christmas, today is the 16th of december, and here in the Philippines, the 16th means it's the start of SIMBANG GABI (it's a tradition of Catholics here in my country) it's like a countdown of the church 9days before the birthday of Jesus. Anyways, enough of the stories, we're down to the last 2 polish from the Bobbie Holo-prism Collection, i'am really excited to show you these last 2 because they are my favorites from these amazing collection, so lets start!

Here is Mojito..
See that holo screaming from the bottle?

Here's what it looked like when applied onto nails.
This is two coats of mojito on my nails, and i really love it because it's really opaque.

Another angle..
MOJITO: is a plum holographic nail polish, it has a wine colored jelly based packed with lots of rainbow micro-glitters. The formula is really good, application is a breeze. i don't have any issues about this polish, i just really love it!

One more shot for you guys..
See, it never failed giving that holo goodness..

And that's it for today, hope you guys liked this one too.
Please do watch out for the last part of the series, i'am sure you will like that one last polish that i'am going to show you tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow guys! Thanks for always dropping by!


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