Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bobbie Holo-Prism Collection Series (part 5) PURPLE PASSION

Happy Thursday! I'am back to give you more of the bobbie holo-prism series.. I can't believe it were already at the 5th part of the series, hahaha.. time really goes by quickly.. :) Anyway, enough of me celebrating..

Here's Purple Passion..
This is two coats of purple passion on my nails, as you can see this polish is super sheer..

Now with three coats..
it's still sheer with 3 coats, actually, this one is more sheer than mint daquiri and margarita.

Another one..
PURPLE PASSION: is a very sheer purple nail polish, it has a very sheer light purple base filled with lots of rainbow micro-glitters.Formula is OK, i don't have any issues about application, and the dry time is very impressive. (my only issue, it's very sheer!!!)

One last glance..
What i like about this polish is that even it is very sheer, it shows the holo effect the most from the rest. :)

So that's it for today, Hope you're all excited for the last two polish under the bobbie holoprism collection (those two are my favorite!)

Till tomorrow everyone!


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