Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First Pink Wednesday w/ Twinkle Everlasting Beauty

Hellooo guys! I'm back and super excited to post today, it's because i decided to have my first ever pink Wednesday post :) Because on Wednesdays we wear pink! What i have for you guys today is cute pink polish, (the color is cute and the bottle is cute too!) 

So now, let's start
Here is Twinkle Everlasting Beauty
Everlasting Beauty is a Frosted Tickle Me Pink nail polish, that's how i describe it hehehe.. (it's a crayola crayon shade) haha. :)

On my nails are 2 medium coats of Everlasting Beauty, this one is super opaque and i'm good to go with js two good coats, for the formula, it's a little too thick but i don't have any problems on application. My only issue about this nail polish is the super obvious brush marks.. waaah.. majority of frosted nail polishes are known for having brush marks after application, and this one is definitely a member.

More pics for you guys..

Twinkle Nail Polish comes in a cute 5ml bottle, i took a picture of it comparing to the normal size of local polish w/c is in a 8ml bottle. Can you see how cute it is?

And that's it for today, hope you guys will like my very first entry for pink Wednesdays.

Don't forget to tell me what you think or to ask any questions regarding this post, I will be super glad to answer them all.

Till next time..


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