Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bobbie Holo-Prism Collection Series (part 7) WENG WENG "The Finale"

Hi Guys!

Woohoo.. finally, i found some time to do this again guys... i was MIA for 3days, and it's because im super busy lately, helping my mom prepare for our family reunion this coming Christmas, and i can't find anytime to write a new post for you guys, when i arrived at home, all i wanna do is to sleep because im super tired... im really sorry guys... Anyways enough of my drama... :) Let me show you the final polish swatch for the ongoing Bobbie Holoprism Series, this was supposed to be posted last saturday.

This one will be picture heavy, i took a lot of pictures because i super love this NP, it's my most favorite from the holoprism collection.

Here it is, WENG WENG

See the screaming holo effect?

WENG WENG is a dark grey holo NP, has a dark grey jelly base, (almost black) filled with multicolored micro glitters.

On my nails are two (2) good medium coats of weng weng, it's very opaque, one of the reasons why i love it.

I didn't have any problem with the formula, it has the right consistency, and application is OK.
I wore this polish for 5days, (i usually change my nail polish every 2 days).

Let me show you two more photos.

And that's it! Finally another series is over.
All in all, What i can say about the whole collection, is that Bobbie or Chic Center Corp. (The manufacturer according to the bottle) did a very great job for having a collection like the Holoprism, it's very rare for our local nail polish manufacturer here in the Philippines to release other types of nail polish other than their classic creme or glaze finishes of NP's, so for those guys, two thumbs up!

Another thing, Bobbie is a 3Free NP, meaning it does not contain DBP, TOLUENE & FORMALDEHYDE, maybe i'll discuss more of the big 3 in another post, soon.

So, this conclude the whole Bobbie Holoprism Collection Series, hope you liked it guys, and my apologies again for the delay.

Do expect more from me, :)


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