Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bobbie Holo-Prism Collection Series (part 1) VODKA ON ICE

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Since today is the start of a new week, i prepared another series for you guys, and it's going to start now onthis post, this week series will be all about the Bobbie Holo-Prism Collection, i'am really sure you guys are gonna love this, so lets start!

First up in this series is bobbie VODKA ON ICE..
The name of this polish really speaks of the content of this bottle,

Let me show you guys what i'm talking about..
This first shot (aha, i know, please excuse the out of Focus photo) i just applied two medium coats on my nails, i was not satisfied because the polish is a little sheer and i can still see some bald spots,

So, i ended up applying one more medium coat
and here, you can see it's real beauty..
See what i'm talking about?  The magic starts at 3 good coats.
This pic was taken indoors under artificial light,

Let me show you another one..
This photo is taken outdoors under sunlight, (at our laundry area, hahaha!)
VODKA ON ICE: this is polish has a light grey colored jelly base with lots of  Prismatic (rainbow colored) micro-glitter, the formula is a bit sheer. but buildable with 3 good medium coats like mine.. haha,,
Sorry i wasn't able to show you the holographic effect of this polish. ( snifffs!)
My camera just wont flash after i swatch the polish.
Anyways, i promise on the next posts of the series i'll show you that.. :)

One last shot..
Another shot indoors, under artificial light at my workstation.

So, that's it for today, please watch out for the 6 other members of this collection..
(Yes, there are 7 NP under the Bobbie Holoprism Collection)

Until tomorrow!


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