Friday, December 23, 2011

Pre-Vacation Bonding w/ the girls featuring KLIK CRACKED NAIL POLISH

Hi everyone! It's 3days before Christmas and im really excited, how about you?  Anyways, what i got for you guys today is like a documentation of my pre- Christmas treat for my girlfriends/classmates, well, this is not the first time that i did their nails, ever since they knew about my passion for nail polish and nail art, they started to ask me to do their nails if they feel they want to have colors on their nails. So much of my intro, hahaha... let's start!

Here are the product that i brought to school on our last meeting before our Christmas vacation..
From Left to Right: 24k top coat (this is a must when using cracking nail polish, to protect the design and to give shine) next is 24k nail polish is BLACKSTAR GREEN it is the based color use for this manicure session, haha, and last but not the least, KLIK CRACKED nail polish in CRACKED PURPLE.

Now let me introduce the girls, with their nails..
Here's Rea..

and Mindy..
Purple was Mindys fave color, i was supposed to do only her nails that day, that's why i only got with me one set of nail polish, but since Rea insisted that i do her nails too, they have no choice but to sport the same nail design.. haha :)  anyway, im still really glad they love what i did to their nails.

Here are other pics of the finish product..

That's my nails with the Black cracking polish (it's from another local brand).. i promise to post a separate swatch maybe by next week,  ;)

And that's it for todays post! i have lots of swatches stored in my vault for you guys.. i just can't find time to schedule all of them and and write descriptions about them.

Hope you enjoyed reading and scrolling, promise to give you more soon, also let me know what you think by commenting :)



  1. Love it! God bless, my super friend. You must next target Glaiza. ^^ tnx!

  2. Ate saan po pwededng makahanap ng klik products? May store po ba sila sa Trinoma? Salamat!