Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Caronia Bright Nights Collection Series (part 2) LOUNGE

Happy Tuesday!

Now the continuation of the Caronia Bright Nights Series, we are now on the second part..
I hope this good start of mine (posting daily) will become a habit.. LOLs..
Anyway.. lets go back to the subject..

Here's LOUNGE..
This pic is taken indoors with flash

another one under the sunlight..
Caronia LOUNGE: This, i will describe as a light green foil.
I'am a huge fan of greens, but for this one... hmmmss..
well, i will like it more if it is a little more dark green than its appearance,
and another thing, its a little sheer, it took me to apply three thin coats to make it look like this and be opaque.
For the application, i didn't have a hard time, it has the right amount of thickness.

One last shot!
This is the one taken under the shade. :)

Tomorrow i'll post about my second favorite from the Bright Nights Collection.
Hope you guys are excited for the last two content of this series.

Have a great Tuesday!


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