Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOTD: Caress Watermelon Frost

Hi gals! Here again to show you swatches of what is on my nails today,
I really have lots of reserved swatches here stored in my computer, and if i'm going to schedule this one, you will see this 2-3weeks for now, but after watermarking of this swatches, i just said to my self that i just can't store this pictures in my computer for weeks waiting to be posted, i have to show you this awesome polish now! hahaha..
So enough of me, let's talk about the nail polish..

here is Caress Watermelon Frost..
 Watermelon Frost... hmm., i'm just wondering why the name of this polish is Watermelon FROST, because for me it's not a frosted polish, it's more of a shimmer polish. I will describe this as a Navy Green nail polish filled with Redish Gold Shimmer, i really love this nail polish because of it's awesome rare color.

Here are some more..

On my nails are two medium coats of watermelon frost, this nail polish has a very good opacity and  is well pigmented.

The formula of this polish is great, it's not the usual caress that i'm expecting (Caress nail polish is usually watery/ thin ) it's has the right amount of thickness. Application is a breeze, and the best of all it dries fast.

Let me give you more shots, i know how you guys love looking at swatches. ;)

All in all, i don't have any issues against this nail polish, all i can say is that i super LOVE it, it looks good on me too, when this polish is on my nails, it made my skintone look lighter.. hahaha.. :)

Enough of my happiness,,, and that ends this post for today, hope you guys enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures, until next time!

Please do let me know what you think thru your comments, i love reading them.. :)



  1. What a unique color! I really like it on your skin tone!

    1. Thanks Aly! Yes, Watermelon frost is a very unique color, that's why it's one of my favorites. :)

  2. I think it's called watermelon frost because the colour is identical to the chinese medication watermelon frost... search it up on google! :)