Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Caronia Bright Nights Collection Series (Part 3) STELLAR

Hello there!

We are now on the third part of the Caronia Bright Night Collection Series.
And as promised, what i'll show you today is my second favorite from the bunch, STELLAR!

Lets start!
In this first pic, i applied only one coat on my nails.. just to prove to you guys that this one is an awesome one-coater.

Another one more..
This one also shows a single coat.

And now to show you its real beauty by applying two coats..
STELLAR: i will describe this a Fuschia Pink Foil nail polish, this one has a really nice pigmentation compared to the first two members of the bunch that i showed you guys.
Application is not a problem, it's not too thick nor too thin, just the right consistency. :)

One last shot, ( i know you guys love pictures, haha!)
 This one really shows it pink foil goodness. ;)

Hope you guys liked this post, tomorrow will show you my favorite of the bunch which will be the last part of the series.

That's it for today! Till tomorrow, Have a great wednesday!


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  1. nice. :) imma add bright nights on my shopping list.