Thursday, December 29, 2011

Careline Fantasy Red

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm back again to give you guys a new batch of swatches, yey! I have another cute nail polish for you guys today, (literally cute!) Let's start!

Here is Careline Fantasy Red
Careline Fantasy Red as you can see is a hot red nail polish filled with gold shimmer.. see the gold shimmer peeking from the red base?

This nail polish is very opaque, it's a very good one coater.. but, on my nails are 2 thin coats to even everything out..

The formula of this nail polish is impressive, it has the right thickness, and application is not a problem, the best thing, it dries fast even when the second coat is applied immediately :)

More photos for you guys..

I got this Careline Nail Polish from a local drugstore here in the Philippines, it comes in this cute 5ml bottle (if i'm not mistaken hahaha) and the best thing about this nail polish is the freakin' low price, it sells for only Php10.00 per bottle (0.24 in usd) i can say that this nail polish is really cool, just one thing, hope they produce more different colors than the usual.

And that's it for today! hope you guys liked this..
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Till next time..


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