Monday, December 5, 2011

Caronia Bright Nights Collection Series (part1) GOLD RUSH

Hi guys!

Wew.. it's been ages since i last posted here, and i missed doing this haha.
Anyways.. Since i'm gone for so long, i decided to do a series, and it will be about the Caronia Bright Nights Collection which is part of the epic gift pack i won from one of Caronia's Online Promo.

here's a pic to start with..

Yeah i know this one's not a good shot.

So, here's another one.
GOLD RUSH: it's a gold foil, i will describe this as a muted yellow gold color.
Application is a breeze because it has a good formulation.
For these swatches, i applied TWO medium coats.

this one is taken under sunlight, the first two shots is with camera flash.

And this last one is taken under the shade..

I'am so happy because nowadays, local brands, specifically Caronia started releasing different polish finishes like this Foil polish other than their Cremes and Glaze/Frosted polishes. 

Anyways, that's it for today, hope you guys will excitedly wait for the other 3 members of the Bright Nights Collection on the following days, (will post the second part tomorrow) :)


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