Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bobbie Foil It Collection Series (Part 2) ADORED

Hi everyone! it's new years eve, and i'm very excited for the countdown later and also for the food hahaha :) Anyways i'm back to give you the continuation of the on going Bobbie Foil-it series, we're now on the 2nd part so let's start!

Here is ADORED...
 Adored; for me is an Old Rose colored Foil nail polish, i can say that this color goes well with my skintone. :)
 On my nails are two medium coats of adored, Formula of this one, is OK not like electrified w/c is pretty thick.., i didn't encounter any problems on application, last thing, i really love the pigmentation of this one :)

 more photos for you guys.. :)

And that's it for today, there's one more left from this collection so stay tuned :))
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Till tomorrow..


Friday, December 30, 2011

Bobbie Foil It Collection Series (Part 1) ELECTRIFIED

TGIF! How's everyone doing? it's 2days before New Year and i'm really excited. :) And now, i decided to give you guys another series, and it will be all about the Bobbie Foil-It Collection, let's start!

First up is ELECTRIFIED..
Electrified is a Silver Foil, i really love the name of this polish. :)
(my nails are still short when i swatched this one, when i bought this, the 2 other members of the collection is Out of stock, so i waited like forever before i was able to show you this one)

 Sorry for the not so nice pictures, this is one of my very first swatches and i'm still not use to my camera. Anyways, the formula of this nail polish is a little of on the thick side, but i didn't encountered any problems while applying this on my nails..

These on my nails are two medium coats of electrified.

 more pics :)
 one problem, when i applied my top coat, lot's of little bubbles appeared on the surface of my manicure..

This is what the bottle looked like. See the Ingredients? it's 3 FREE! 

And that's it for today, hope you guys liked it.. stay tuned for the two more members of this collection.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Careline Fantasy Red

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm back again to give you guys a new batch of swatches, yey! I have another cute nail polish for you guys today, (literally cute!) Let's start!

Here is Careline Fantasy Red
Careline Fantasy Red as you can see is a hot red nail polish filled with gold shimmer.. see the gold shimmer peeking from the red base?

This nail polish is very opaque, it's a very good one coater.. but, on my nails are 2 thin coats to even everything out..

The formula of this nail polish is impressive, it has the right thickness, and application is not a problem, the best thing, it dries fast even when the second coat is applied immediately :)

More photos for you guys..

I got this Careline Nail Polish from a local drugstore here in the Philippines, it comes in this cute 5ml bottle (if i'm not mistaken hahaha) and the best thing about this nail polish is the freakin' low price, it sells for only Php10.00 per bottle (0.24 in usd) i can say that this nail polish is really cool, just one thing, hope they produce more different colors than the usual.

And that's it for today! hope you guys liked this..
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First Pink Wednesday w/ Twinkle Everlasting Beauty

Hellooo guys! I'm back and super excited to post today, it's because i decided to have my first ever pink Wednesday post :) Because on Wednesdays we wear pink! What i have for you guys today is cute pink polish, (the color is cute and the bottle is cute too!) 

So now, let's start
Here is Twinkle Everlasting Beauty
Everlasting Beauty is a Frosted Tickle Me Pink nail polish, that's how i describe it hehehe.. (it's a crayola crayon shade) haha. :)

On my nails are 2 medium coats of Everlasting Beauty, this one is super opaque and i'm good to go with js two good coats, for the formula, it's a little too thick but i don't have any problems on application. My only issue about this nail polish is the super obvious brush marks.. waaah.. majority of frosted nail polishes are known for having brush marks after application, and this one is definitely a member.

More pics for you guys..

Twinkle Nail Polish comes in a cute 5ml bottle, i took a picture of it comparing to the normal size of local polish w/c is in a 8ml bottle. Can you see how cute it is?

And that's it for today, hope you guys will like my very first entry for pink Wednesdays.

Don't forget to tell me what you think or to ask any questions regarding this post, I will be super glad to answer them all.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOTD: Caress Watermelon Frost

Hi gals! Here again to show you swatches of what is on my nails today,
I really have lots of reserved swatches here stored in my computer, and if i'm going to schedule this one, you will see this 2-3weeks for now, but after watermarking of this swatches, i just said to my self that i just can't store this pictures in my computer for weeks waiting to be posted, i have to show you this awesome polish now! hahaha..
So enough of me, let's talk about the nail polish..

here is Caress Watermelon Frost..
 Watermelon Frost... hmm., i'm just wondering why the name of this polish is Watermelon FROST, because for me it's not a frosted polish, it's more of a shimmer polish. I will describe this as a Navy Green nail polish filled with Redish Gold Shimmer, i really love this nail polish because of it's awesome rare color.

Here are some more..

On my nails are two medium coats of watermelon frost, this nail polish has a very good opacity and  is well pigmented.

The formula of this polish is great, it's not the usual caress that i'm expecting (Caress nail polish is usually watery/ thin ) it's has the right amount of thickness. Application is a breeze, and the best of all it dries fast.

Let me give you more shots, i know how you guys love looking at swatches. ;)

All in all, i don't have any issues against this nail polish, all i can say is that i super LOVE it, it looks good on me too, when this polish is on my nails, it made my skintone look lighter.. hahaha.. :)

Enough of my happiness,,, and that ends this post for today, hope you guys enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures, until next time!

Please do let me know what you think thru your comments, i love reading them.. :)


Bobbie Cherry Blossom

HellO everyone! As promised, I'am back again today to show you some swatches of Bobbie Cherry Blossom (my base color for my Christmas mani) this is a really nice red nail polish. ;)

Let's start.. Here it is Bobbie Cherry Blossom..
 Bobbie Cherry Blossom has a Hot Red Colored Base filled with silver glitters, if i'am not mistaken this is part of Bobbie Glitters collection. Can you see that sparkles peeking from the red base?

On my nails are two medium coats of Cherry Blossom, this polish is pretty opaque, and im good to go with just 2 coats.

 For the formula, i expected it to be thick (because glitter polishes use to have a thick formula) but i was surprised w/ this one because it has that right consistency of a regular nail polish, it's quite impressive for a local glitter polish.

 With application, i don't have any major issues, i just wish that Bobbie will soon have wider brush for their NP's for more easier and faster application. ;)

Let me give you a zoom for you to see the silver glitters..

One last shot for you guys..

And that's it for today's post, hope you guys liked this.. :)

Bobbie is available in 8ml and 15ml bottle at your nearest department stores and drugstores here in the Philippines. You can also visit their Facebook Fan Fage and their Website if you want more info about their products.

Hope you guys will drop by again next time!


My Christmas Manicure :)

Hi guys! finally I'am back after being MIA for 4 solid days.. and now what im going to show you, is the mani that i wore last Christmas..

Here it is...
The base of this mani is a red glitter nail polish from bobbie the name of the polish is Cherry Blossom, (i will post a separate swatch of that after this post), and then i layered a black cracking polish also from bobbie, it's called smashing black from their latest smashing polish collection, and the very last layer is a random gold glitter polish to complete this Christmas mani.

 And now moving on to my right hand..
We all know that Christmas is all about red and green that's why i decided to add an accent color on my ring finger and thumb, it's also a nail polish from bobbie called jade, as you can see, it's a green nail polish filled with gold glitters, it's very Christmasy for me hahaha..

Here's a more brighter and clearer picture for you guys...

Last one..

And that's it for this post! Hope you guys liked what i did to my nails last Christmas..
Please let me know what you think of this mani, i will very much appreciate all of your comments.

Have a nice day everyone! until next time,


Friday, December 23, 2011

Pre-Vacation Bonding w/ the girls featuring KLIK CRACKED NAIL POLISH

Hi everyone! It's 3days before Christmas and im really excited, how about you?  Anyways, what i got for you guys today is like a documentation of my pre- Christmas treat for my girlfriends/classmates, well, this is not the first time that i did their nails, ever since they knew about my passion for nail polish and nail art, they started to ask me to do their nails if they feel they want to have colors on their nails. So much of my intro, hahaha... let's start!

Here are the product that i brought to school on our last meeting before our Christmas vacation..
From Left to Right: 24k top coat (this is a must when using cracking nail polish, to protect the design and to give shine) next is 24k nail polish is BLACKSTAR GREEN it is the based color use for this manicure session, haha, and last but not the least, KLIK CRACKED nail polish in CRACKED PURPLE.

Now let me introduce the girls, with their nails..
Here's Rea..

and Mindy..
Purple was Mindys fave color, i was supposed to do only her nails that day, that's why i only got with me one set of nail polish, but since Rea insisted that i do her nails too, they have no choice but to sport the same nail design.. haha :)  anyway, im still really glad they love what i did to their nails.

Here are other pics of the finish product..

That's my nails with the Black cracking polish (it's from another local brand).. i promise to post a separate swatch maybe by next week,  ;)

And that's it for todays post! i have lots of swatches stored in my vault for you guys.. i just can't find time to schedule all of them and and write descriptions about them.

Hope you enjoyed reading and scrolling, promise to give you more soon, also let me know what you think by commenting :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Etude House Petit Darling Nails PK013

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

As promised, Im doing my best to post regularly, meaning i'll be giving you guys a daily dose of nail polish swatches, nail art and more!

What i have for you guys today is a sparkly pink polish that you guys will surely love..
May i present to you, Etude House Petit Darling Nails in PK013
There you go... Oh my! please excuse the out of focus photo, i just borrowed the camera that i used for taking pics of my new swatches today, ;)

Here's another one..
PK013 (oh how i wish korean nail polishes have good names not just codes) oh well, i call this one strawberry milk shake, hahahaha... oh going back to the topic, PK013 is a light-pink nude polish packed with silver and gold shimmer (i really can't tell, sometimes it flashes gold shimmer, sometimes silver) On my nails are 3 medium coats, i applied three coats to achieve my desired opacity, because this nail polish is a little sheer, but buildable with 3 good coats like what you see now on the photos.

The Formula of this polish is little bit on the thick side but application is super OK, all in all i din't have any issues on this NP, one thing that i like about this pink baby is that is dries fast, for the on the go girls like me, you should try this ;)

Let me give you a last one pic of this lovely pink NP..
And that's it for today!
hope you guys liked todays post!

I'd love to see some comments from my readers too! Let me know what you think. :)

Until Next Time!


Bobbie Holo-Prism Collection Series (part 7) WENG WENG "The Finale"

Hi Guys!

Woohoo.. finally, i found some time to do this again guys... i was MIA for 3days, and it's because im super busy lately, helping my mom prepare for our family reunion this coming Christmas, and i can't find anytime to write a new post for you guys, when i arrived at home, all i wanna do is to sleep because im super tired... im really sorry guys... Anyways enough of my drama... :) Let me show you the final polish swatch for the ongoing Bobbie Holoprism Series, this was supposed to be posted last saturday.

This one will be picture heavy, i took a lot of pictures because i super love this NP, it's my most favorite from the holoprism collection.

Here it is, WENG WENG

See the screaming holo effect?

WENG WENG is a dark grey holo NP, has a dark grey jelly base, (almost black) filled with multicolored micro glitters.

On my nails are two (2) good medium coats of weng weng, it's very opaque, one of the reasons why i love it.

I didn't have any problem with the formula, it has the right consistency, and application is OK.
I wore this polish for 5days, (i usually change my nail polish every 2 days).

Let me show you two more photos.

And that's it! Finally another series is over.
All in all, What i can say about the whole collection, is that Bobbie or Chic Center Corp. (The manufacturer according to the bottle) did a very great job for having a collection like the Holoprism, it's very rare for our local nail polish manufacturer here in the Philippines to release other types of nail polish other than their classic creme or glaze finishes of NP's, so for those guys, two thumbs up!

Another thing, Bobbie is a 3Free NP, meaning it does not contain DBP, TOLUENE & FORMALDEHYDE, maybe i'll discuss more of the big 3 in another post, soon.

So, this conclude the whole Bobbie Holoprism Collection Series, hope you liked it guys, and my apologies again for the delay.

Do expect more from me, :)